Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rumors of my demise...

Wow, in a place where time is so incredibly relaxed, it's amazing how fast it seems to go by. My apologies - I'll do my best not to let a lapse like this happen again. I promise I have actually been up to stuff over here (like hosting my family for a couple of weeks in May!!! Thank you so much Mom & Dad for sharing your thoughts on our trip!), and now I get to make up for lost time!

I've gotten several questions recently along the lines of "Mike, so you've been in Zambia for over a year now, and we still don't know very well...what is it you actually DO for work in your village?" I'll focus on this in the next few posts, but my job at the present moment can basically be summarized as 1) teaching fish farming techniques to interested farmers, 2) promoting organic/conservation farming and gardening, and 3) inciting the creation and sale of delicious baked goods.

I've also been feeding my travel bug bit. Over 4th of July weekend I went hiking in the fabulously beautiful Mutinondo Wilderness Area, a local Northern Zambia treasure so under-the-radar that even most Northern PCVs are only barely aware of its existence. In September I finally boarded the TAZARA train that passes through my village, coming back from a trip out to Zanzibar Island. And most recently I headed down to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park. Pictures coming soon!

Sorry again for the delay, and enjoy the deluge soon to come!


  1. He's BACK!!!!
    Good to have you posting again.
    Always happy to hear stories from you and see pictures.
    Stay healthy. Stay happy.
    Mark Loehrke

  2. Glad to see you blog again. :-) Stay safe.